• Industrial level DMX512 & RDM decoder
• Comply with the latest DMX512, DMX512(1990), DMX512-A, RDM V1.0 (E1.20 – 2006 ESTA Standard) standard protocols, compatible with DMX512 master consoles from other international incorporations
• Total 5 PWM output channels, common anode. DMX channel quantity from 1CH to 5CH settable
• 8A 5 channels constant voltage output
• Abundant DMX signal input and output port design: XLR 5pin, XLR 3pin, RJ45, Screw DMX
• Enable DMX512 master console to detect decoder, display decoder information and set DMX address
• RDM bi-directional communication function
• Visible numeric digital display operation interface with a variety of features selection
• PWM output high frequency 16bit and low frequency 8bit switchable, default setting is 16bit
• 10 levels of PWM output frequency optional from 500Hz-30kHz, default setting is 1kHz
• Decoding modes optional, enable to adjust brightness of each channel, master brightness of all channels and strobe effects, default mode is dp1.1
• Gamma ray curves value adjustable from 0.1-9.9, logarithmic dimming and linear dimming optional