The 4.5 series features a CRI of 90+ and 5 CCT options, providing accurate and vibrant color representation for precise lighting needs. With IP20 and IP65 ratings, these strips are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing protection against dust, water jets, and temporary immersion. This combination of color quality, temperature, and protection ratings makes our strip rolls a versatile and reliable choice for various lighting applications.

LB53400 585LM 2700K IP20 16.4 FT
LB53401 589LM 3000K IP20 16.4 FT
LB53401-W 589LM 3000K IP65 16.4 FT
LB53402 592LM 3500K IP20 16.4 FT
LB53402-W 592LM 3500K IP65 16.4 FT
LB53403 607LM 4000K IP20 16.4 FT
LB53403-W 607LM 4000K IP65 16.4 FT
LB53404 610LM 5000K IP20 16.4 FT